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Install files for older iPaq? I bought an HP iPaq rz1710 on eBay. It did not include the installation CD. For some reason, HP does not provide those files on its web site. There are one or two "free drivers" sites, but they seem to contain undesirable payloads. Is there another, reliable source for these files?
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Well it looks like the 'Companion CD' came with:

full versions of....

Adobe Reader - Not needed
Active Sync - Get from Microsoft
Outlook 2002 Desktop - Installed already, if you have Office.
Windows Media Player Desktop - Installed already, if you have Windowz
Peacemaker (US Retail only) - Peacemaker enables Pocket PC users to beam information to and from a wide range of PDA devices or IR-equipped desktop and notebook computers! - Do you really need this? Probably a freeware app out there that does the same thing, if you do.
Illium Dockware - Personalized Picture Viewer, Desk Clock and Calendar - Again, something you can probably find as freeware.

trial versions of.... - Does it matter? They are trials. Download them online

Audible Player
List Pro
Clear View Player
Pocket Slides

As it explains on this page, the CD also contains links to other full and trial software, but the point here is that the only software you need to get your PPC working, is ActiveSync. Everything else is available via freeware or trials.
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I'm with the the first poster, I've gone though a number of Ipaq's and I've never really used any of the software that comes on the demo CD.

The only thing of value on there would have been MS Office, and if you didn't have that already you're not going to be able to get a free copy from MS now. Unless for some reason you got the little sticker with the serial number that should have been attached to the CD sleve, but somehow just not the CD itself.

I really enjoy FreewarePPC.com which has a lot of, you guessed it, Freeware for Pocket PCs. As with all free stuff a decent % is crap, but there's some good software out there as well.
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I guess I was expecting that Win Mobile 2003, like the Palm OS, would install a calendar and contacts app on my main computer that would then sync with the iPaq. As far as I can tell, MS Windows Mobile (I'm using Vista) did nothing more than add a folder that I can use to transfer files to the device.
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"I guess I was expecting that Win Mobile 2003, like the Palm OS, would install a calendar and contacts app on my main computer that would then sync with the iPaq."

ActiveSync should prompt you to sync things like your cal, tasks, contacts, etc. from MS Outlook. If you do not have MS Outlook on your computer, you can go download a free 60 day MS Office trial from the MS website.
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Ah, that may be the problem. MS Outlook is nowhere on my system, by conscious choice.
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