How to record MP3 from Real Audio
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How does one easily record real-audio streams into mp3 files?
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Note : not strictly legal, apparently.
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Well, of course not. (Given that lots of people use RealAudio [also known as "Evil Incarnate"] specifically to protect their streaming audio.) Anyway, depending upon your audio card/driver and OS, you also might simply be able to tell the soundcard to record what it's playing. The SB Live! driver has a "What U Hear" recording virtual channel.
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Almost your exact question was asked here in December 2003.
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See also Total Recorder. (It'll cost you US $11.95).
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Or OS X's Audio Hijack.
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Griffin Technology makes a product called radioSHARK that claims it can "record any AM, FM or even Internet radio broadcast."
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os x: ambrosia software's wiretap is free, and can be scripted to stop at a certain time by changing variables in an included applescript. Although the auto-off feature of audio hijack probably makes it worth the 20 bucks. Having a stack of cds of good NPR shows is going to transform my commute.
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From the Streambox web page. Version 2.011 RealAudio support has, yet again, been removed. This time permanently.

Total Recorder has done a great job for many years on Real Audio and other streams. It will even record silently at accelerated rates from some sites. It's running at 6X on the Mellow Gold direct to MP3.
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