Is there a way to display a database of addresses on a map?
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Is there a way to display a database of addresses on a map?

I work alot with google earth/maps and use the programs to display the location of a series of locations. Is there some sort of hack or program I can purchase where I can load-up an excel sheet of addresses and have them all displayed at once?
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ZeeMaps (getting some love from me for the second time this week) does exactly what you need.
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You can do this right in Google Earth.

MapBuilder will let you import from a CSV file and supports both google and yahoo apis.
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Microsoft Mappoint 2006 works well for non-technical users if your company wants to buy software. Slurps in a spreadsheet, identifies the columns if they're sensibly header-ed, spits out pretty maps. Integrates with Office well, too. Limited to North America and Europe.
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The easiest and best way to do this is with this

If you are interested in how easy or simple this is, email me at mikieg18 at gmail dot com and I can send you a link of some killer stuff I've done with it. Just don't want to link to it publically yet.
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