Don't point that gun at him, he's an unpaid intern.
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Looking for kick-ass internships in the NJ/NYC area. Background is CS, design, and a little bit of everything. The tougher the better.

I dream about getting an internship at Google's office in NY or a FogCreek gig, but I know that both of these are tough, so I can't just apply to those two. My academic record isn't bad, a fairly high GPA at a pretty good school (W&M), and I'll be a junior applying next year.

Plus points for:

If it's in NYC, it would be nice if it was paying. After all, New York isn't cheap.

Something that isn't exclusively code monkey work.

Something in Morris County if it's in NJ.

Cool companies - something that's sort of cutting edge, interesting, or beneficial to mankind.

I know, internships usually aren't awesome, but there must be a few cool ones in the mix?
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Have you considered working a small advertising or design shop? I've found that smaller shops will teach you more. Advertising is pretty diverse so if you choose the right shop you can be doing anything from interactive work, photoshoots or just lots and lots of design and branding-- hopefully you'd be doing a little bit of everything.

The pay probably isn't that good as small shops are more likely to be strapped for cash than bigger agencies are. But they are also more personal than bigger agencies and are more understanding of a person needing to eat.
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Best answer: hey shoot randy an email via
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Out of left-field: 826NYC is looking for volunteers (and though their summer internships have been filled, they're looking for fall ones!). They're looking for people with IT and design experience, and it actually looks pretty great - teaching/tutoring is a great way to be "beneficial to mankind," and it would certainly not be code-monkeying (though given the photo, there may be other monkeying around).
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Best answer: Ideas (cool companies, don't have first hand experience with their internship opps)

The Attik (
The Happy Corp. (
Connected Ventures, LLC (the vimeo, college humor, busted tees people)

Good luck!
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If you are in the DC area, I can help you out.
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Actually, anyone here who would like to do an internship in the CS world (php, web, systems, linux, anything...) But only the DC area...Please let me know, I can set things up.
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Response by poster: Thanks photodegas, I don't live in the DC area right now but it's very possible I could live there in the future. Thanks subpixel, I will.
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I'm in the same position as you tmcw, but without the coding kung-f00. Check out the job boards at– they seem to have some pretty interesting positions up.
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Google? Bah. Fogcreek? Eew. Yahoo might not seem as cool from the outside, but I loved my internship here last summer and I'm doing another one now. It's challenging, flexible, and friendly, but that might be partly because I'm on one of the most awesome teams. In general, interns are treated like junior employees, and Yahoo tries hard to treat its employees well. Anyway, I'm in Santa Clara, but the company has a presence in New York.
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Best answer: Email me and I can help.
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Best answer: Liquidnet

Cutting edge, interesting, changing Wall Street for the better. Looks for people with unconventional backgrounds and quirky creative thinking. Each summer has a paid internship program.
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