Getting an old sewing machine fixed in New York/Jersey City
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Recommendations for sewing machine repair places in New York City or Jersey City?

I have an old Singer 5525 that I paid $5 for. I think there's something wrong with the bobbin assembly. I work in the garment district, so you'd think I'd be set, but all the places near me seem to be focused on fixing giant industrial machines. Anyone have a suggestion for a place where they would be tolerant of my near-total ignorance?
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There are a few places along 23rd street (between 6th-8th aves, i think).

I've never used any of these places, but they display lots of models in their windows that are not industrial. I think some of the places also repair vacuum cleaners, to give you an idea of what they are like. From the outside they look like mom-and-pop shops.

Sorry i can't vouch for their service. I sew and am frequently on 23rd street running errands and what not so i've taken note of them in case my machine decides to die someday.
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Thanks, I'll wander through that stretch and see what I can find out.
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