Passing the DQT
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Tips and advice for someone taking the New South Wales Driver Qualification Test?

I'm retaking the NSW Driver Qualification Test to progress to my full licence tomorrow.

I failed the Hazard Perception part of the test the first time, and I'd really like to nail it this time around to avoid more expensive resitting fees!

Unfortunately the RTA couldn't provide specific feedback regarding which questions or scenarios I screwed up. I also couldn't find any practice Hazard Perception questions on the RTA website. I'd be grateful for tips and advice from MeFites who have successfully passed this test.
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I should probably add that I've already read the handbook back to front - the knowledge test isn't my problem, I scored perfectly on that portion last time.
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Oops... I mean, I've read the book front to back, but if reading it backwards will help, I'll do it!
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hm, i have a nsw d/l but "hazard perception" wasn't any part of the qualifying criteria that i can remember.

from the website: the best way to successfully prepare for Part 2 [of the test - ie hazard perception] is to study the Driver Qualification Handbook (Part 3, "Hazard Perception - Revision and Further Development" - pdf file), understand the main hazard perception concepts and apply them to your driving.

Good Luck! :D
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oh, sorry. yve read the handbook upside-down, back to front, sideways. is the part you failed a practical part, ie driving?

since you have no other answers at the moment, i'll hazard a guess. this is as a driver, motorcyclist & cyclist of some experience (hey - on a bike, you *have* to pay attention to potential hazards 100% of the time!).

when you are driving/riding along a steady stream of traffic, hazards are relatively minimal. they occur most when something might happen to interrupt the normal, expected flow of things. these might include:

* roundabouts
* pedestrian crossings
* traffic lights
* schools
* shopping strips
* areas where there are driveways directly opening onto streets, or on-street parking where ppl might pull out unexpectedly (eg schools & shopping strips)
* intersections
* fast food places

if i can offer a tip, try to keep at least 5km/h below the speed limit at all times, and whenever you approach any of the above (plus traffic obstacles, like speed humps) slow down just that bit more, and make a big point of looking all around & checking your mirrors.

they probably want to see that you are perceptive to the road & signs etc, and also to the vehicles & pedestrians around. so drive along the regular road normally, then slow down & look all over the place at the above kinds of potential hazards. better yet, use maybe just a bit of brake & make another point of checking your speedo at that time.
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Thanks for your answers
I passed the test! I'd recommend these links to anyone else doing the test:
RTA - Build your hazard perception skills
Tips for passing the DQT (blog post)
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(and look out for cyclists!)
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