Something about occupation... throat... a fence...
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Polishsongfilter: I found this song randomly. Can anyone translate?

I think can discern random words, such as occupation... throat... fence...? But that's about it.
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I got masony (Masons) followed by sluchaj (listen (imperative form). But that's about it.
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Good catch -- also, I found the lyrics, but still no good translation.
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Krrrlson, for you I try poesy, using my new Babble utility on Wikipedialyte:
Jan-Ignacz, belletrist, proud Polyak,
Goat-lover, wall-builder; stuffed tabak
Down his throat, as he wrote
Like some Truman Kapot —
And chewed, hammered, spat out "In Cold Hack."
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That's a pretty nationalistic/antisemitic/homophobic song you've got there. Here's a literal translation:

Seventh occupation, eleventh partition
again they disgrace our Eagle, want to blunt the Claw
Jews and commies, gays and Masons
Listen carefully, here's the voice from the diaphragm:

"nobody will with impunity
and audaciously, spreading it around,
lie, devalue, disregard,
stain, abase and mainly/generally

Screw/cheat the White Eagle

"eleventh partitions" of course relates to the partitioning of Poland by different powers during the centuries, and the White Eagle is the Polish coat of arms. "Voice from the diaphragm" just means "from deep within". "Dymać" (slang) can have two meanings: to screw (with) somebody or to cheat somebody. Hope it helps!
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Yeah, I got the overall gist of it with a dictionary yesterday... so, as a followup, is this for real? Who are the guys who wrote this?
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I would think they're for real, as I understand there are jerks like that in Poland. I saw they have a m*space page, too.
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This is not for real. This particular song is a satire on the conservative, right-wing and pro-family parties in Poland. It's a complete exaggeration of their anti-gay and anti-communist rhetoric - jews and masons are thrown in for fun and good rhymes (not to say that there's no anti-semitism in Poland). By the way they sing it, you can tell it sounds like a song from the post-war period (WWII) which denotes the older/conservative generation.

The guy who wrote/sings is Tymon Tymanski, a Polish musician and composer, known for offbeat, controversial, but also funny songs. Currently, he's fronting the band: Tymon & the Transistors. In personal life he's a buddhist, and is thus removed from the antisemitic/homophobic/nationalistic ideology.

On a sidenote to @Listener:

I would think they're for real, as I understand there are jerks like that in Poland.

What's the point of your comment? You don't know the band, you don't know the song. Your "I would think" comment makes you the one who has a prejudiced and non-informed opinion about a nationality (which ironically is precisely what Tymon is mocking in his song).
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