Dogs in London?
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What tourist attractions in London (UK) are suitable for taking a pet (not guide) dog to?
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Could we have a little more info? Are you taking your dog to London, or are you bringing in out-of-towners? Either way, what sorts of sites are you looking for - parks and gardens, museums, cool shops?
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Maybe walk around the Isle of Dogs?

Well, obviously the Royal Parks. Parliament Square/Trafalgar Square/Leicester Square. Greenwich. Portabello Road Market. The Thames Path. Jubilee Walkway.
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Hampstead Heath. It's not a tourist attraction per se, but it's in the north part of London and I think it's the best park in town. I am sure a dog would love to run around there. Hell, even without a dog, it's a wonderful place to spend an afternoon.
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Need more information really.

You can take dogs on the Tube, or walk around all the public streets. There are various guided walks or you could walk around on your own.

List of dog-friendly pubs

I've never seen anyone take a dog into a museum or art gallery. Don't know if they're officially banned. You might be able to get away with carrying it.

Biggest open spaces in London: Hampstead Heath, as mentioned. Epping Forest, at the Eastern end of the Central Line is by far the biggest and most country-like park in London. Wormwood Scrubs in the West is fairly big but not particularly picturesque.
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