At-Home Cooking Classes in Chicago?
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A good friend is getting married September 1st and I'm interested in buying for her and the Mr. a certificate for an at-home cooking lesson for the two of them--they've taken cooking classes before and dug them so I thought it might be fun for them to do it at home in their new place with their new stuff. We/they live in Chicago--does anybody have any recommendations for places? I've come up with a few on Google but I want to see if anyone's had any personal experience with this since it seems a lot of it would depend on good customer service. thanks!
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I have a friend in Chicago who is a personal chef/caterer who does in-home personal instruction. His name is Daniel Herskovic. He is incredibly nice guy who makes some very excellent food.
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cool thanks! and he's kind of easy on the eyes ;)
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Google the term "personal chef". There are several personal chef associations, and many personal chefs do these kinds of lessons. The associations will direct you to their members in the area, and will list the types of jobs the members will book (i.e. catering, lessons, lesson parties, a couple of weeks worth of pre-prepared dinners, etc.).
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The Chicago "good eating" section puts out an annual guide to cooking classes about this time of year & many intructors offer in-home lessons.

The 2005 version is here.
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