wtf samsung?
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connecting my cellphone to my computer via USB.

i bought a data cable for my samsung a727. For some reason, when I connect to it at home, I can't copy the movies and pictures ive taken with the phones camera onto my computer - they simply aren't visible, however I can copy music and wallpapers onto the phone.

when I connect to it from the computer at work, I can copy the movies and pictures, but I can't copy anything to the phone.

both computers are windows XP. the home computer detects it as a media player (or so the icon in 'my computer' would suggest) while the work computer detects it as a digital camera.

whats going on? if i can't do both (copy to and copy from) at the same time, how can i switch the method windows uses to connect?
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Best answer: Have you installed the USB drivers for the phone to the said computer? Some cellphones require a specific set of drivers installed on the computer to work properly.

This site says you will need to download files to connect to a PC but the link takes you to a USB driver download for a different model phone.

Notice how in the first site the download link has "usbdownload." at the end of it. I love it when the tech support sites for companies don't work unless you have the presence of mind to double check their links to remove "." and other things.
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Response by poster: hmmmm, installing drivers *might* help :P i'll do that now. in the mean time, any clue why there would be a discrepancy between the home and work computers?
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I don't know about the home/work thing. I have 2 computers running Windows XP. One uses an Intel chipset one uses an AMD chipset. The AMD connects to every one of my usb devices without problem, usually without drivers, but the Intel one needs new drivers for everything. It's hit-and-miss I guess.
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Have you tried moving the files to a menu that windows can see by using the phones file menu?

I had a similar problem with my D807 and home computer, I never figured out the cause, but I just moved the files to a folder I could find with windows
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Response by poster: mega fly - yeah, that did help here at work, but at home, *all* the folders were empty.

the secret was installing the software (PC studio :)
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