Bush refuses mac
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George W had a press conference today. How can I get the whole thing unedited in a mac friendly format?

Tried C-Span, they have it, but am prompted to install windows media converters and its in a compact format. Any ideas or resources?
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In my experience you can usually find full videos and transcripts pretty soon after on whitehouse.gov, I think they usually use realplayer. Is this what you're talking about?
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Here's a fuller list of all press releases from July, if it happened today it'll probably be up later.
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Response by poster: Went to Whitehouse.gov, however it is as you say in RealPlayer format and compacted to a small screen. Is there any way I can harness the power of the internet to get a good copy (read at least 640x480) copy of his conference in its entirety that is accessible on my mac without additional codecs.
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The mac realplayer client won't do anything bad to your computer. Is your aversion to additional codecs ideological?
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The RealPlayer Mac version is much less invasive than the Windows version. It's a free application that does its job, and doesn't try to take over your system. If you need to play a Windows Media Player WMV file, you can install Windows Media Components for Quicktime from Microsoft.

also, George Bush doesn't care about Mac people.
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