Oppenheimer photo.
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Does anyone know where to find Richard Avedon's photograph of Oppenheimer in a hi-resolution digital format or in a print?

My google-fu has failed me. I wish to find this, preferably in a reasonably high resolution (to print/frame).

As he was a photographer for the New Yorker, it may have appeared in there. If anyone has the digitized complete run and could pull it out, that'd be great.
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Best answer: From Avedon's Wikipedia entry: Observations, 1959. A collaborative book with Truman Capote containing portraits of many famous people of the twentieth century, including Pablo Picasso, J. Robert Oppenheimer, and Mae West.

That sounds like what you need to get ahold of.
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Richard Avedon: Inquiries

which leads to

Fraenkel Gallery

assuming you're going all official and shit
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