Getting out of NY for the weekend
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Help me get out of the city! I'm looking for ideas for weekend trips to take from New York City, to someplace quieter and less urban, and accessible via public transportation. Any suggestions?
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Take the LIRR to Montauk and rent a bike.
posted by mattbucher at 3:02 PM on July 11, 2007

Metro North to DIA:Beacon
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Amtrak to Kingston or Westerly, RI.
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The Dia Beacon is a wonderful trip.
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My wife and I took a bus to Woodstock one weekend in the fall, looked at the colorful leaves, stayed at a B&B and wandered around the town for an afternoon.

And the Appalachian Trail crosses the Metro North at Appalachian Trail Station.
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I also vote for DIA: Beacon.
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Take the Hampton Jitney to Greenport, rent bikes at the Bike Stop, ride to Orient, take the ferry to Shelter Island.
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I'll second/third/fourth all the ideas above. Also consider cold spring. it's lovely and small town. Cute shops, yummy food, you can relax on the waterfront. It's a favorite picnic place for me.
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This comes up every so often on AskMe. Here's Escape from New York...there are others out there.
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