Which fest is best?
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We, a group of amature filmmakers, are in post and looking for festivals.

The film is a twenty minute short with a Twilight Zone-esque plot. Based on that, and the fact that it's VERY low budget, which fests are our best options in terms of acceptance and exposure?
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buy a copy of independent filmmaker magazine (or something along the lines). there are dozens of ads for festivals accepting indie shorts.
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Look for local festivals, festivals with affordable entry fees, and festivals with themes relevant to you (Maybe you're Asian-American, for example) or the piece.
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Response by poster: As an early addendum, I'm looking for specific festival recommendations.
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Best answer: I would start here:


Good luck!
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Okay, Sundance.

Maybe you need to tell us more about your team, budget and project.
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Best answer: Get this book and check out the "genre" sections to see where your film might best fit it.

Withoutabox rocks as well.
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thirding withoutabox. only problem is I can't keep up with their recommendations, and always end up feeling bad that I skipped some deadlines that could have been my big break .

i set up a filter so all the email skips my inbox, which means I don't have to constantly think about it, but which also means I don't think about it. Still, totally worth it.
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Withoutabox is your best bet although not all film festivals are listed there, especially if they are new or small.

For more research, try filmfestivals.com as well.

It's important to find festivals that fit your style so you don't go wasting money on entry fees. Look at the films they have shown in the past.

Twenty minute shorts are a bit more difficult to get in. A rule of thumb for some festival organizers is that anything over ten has to be really good. If it doesn't hook them in the first three minutes, the judges probably won't watch the whole thing.

Best of luck. Post in the grey if you get accepted. I'm in the same boat.
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I don't mean this in a snarky way, but if you're doing any web searches to help you find information, you'll get better results if you spell the word "amateur".
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Depending on what you mean by "Twilight Zone", possibly Dead By Dawn.
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Response by poster: you'll get better results if you spell the word "amateur"

I blame most of the porn industry for that. Just like how I spelled cemetery "sematary" until I was about 10 because of Stephen King.
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Roman Graves: Really? I've only encountered the correct spelling of the word in that context. Maybe I only see literate porn.
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Strongly seconding the Chris Gore book linked by shino-boy, then WAB once you figure out what you want to do.

You need a strategy. Figure out your goals, then find out how you can achieve them.

And, yes, let us know in Projects when we can see it.
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