What's Fun On Puget Sound?
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We are about to spend a week on Puget Sound, in the Stanwood, Washington area. What are some great things to see and do between Everett and Bellingham? Special thanks for suggestions for places I can float my high performance rowboat (see: http://adirondack-guide-boat.com).
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You must visit Deception Pass.
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Deception Pass (on Whidbey Island) will be a great spot to visit. Unless you want to reenact Poe's A Descent into the Maelstrom don't put your rowboat in there--though I imagine there are plenty of places around the island where it is safe. You could also take the ferry to the San Juans--plenty of places there for boating. Also you might check out waterfront parks in La Connor, Mt. Vernon, Mukilteo, Anacortes, etc. Probably plenty of spots there too.

Otherwise--there's the Boeing tour. La Connor has a kind of interesting downtown with shops and stuff if you like that kind of thing. The Bellingham Art Museum is actually very good and worth visiting. A drive down the Mt. Baker highway will be nice. If you're into hiking to can do that, though a lot of trails may still be snowy. There's Little Mountain park in Mt. Vernon that has a great view of the Skagit Valley--nice place for a picnic maybe.
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Fairhaven. Lovely little town on the water right before you get to Bellingham.
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Seconding San Juan Islands, especially Orcas. Boating on the west side of the island will give you a chance at spotting, well, Orcas. There are, IIRC, three main pods that circulate around the region and often cruise along the island's coast.
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What a gorgeous boat. My SO loves rowboats, and I'm sure she's never been in one like that.

I immediately saw it in supernally beautiful Lake Crescent-- just a quick ferry ride across the Sound from your location.
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Leisurely taking Chuckanut Drive north, stopping for oysters at the Oyster Bar on Chuckanut Drive, and hiking to Fragrance Lake in Larrabee State Park can be a nice way to spend a day. (Though the hike will certainly not be solitary.)
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My thanks to you all. The trip is better already, and I haven't even loaded my boat!
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