Sixth anniversary gifts
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2-birds-with-one-stone-filter: Where can I find Anise de Flavigny in Denver/What are some inexpensive 6th anniversary gift ideas?

Site listed above translated into English here.
Mrs. Madness and I like to do anniversary gifts based on traditional and modern themes. This year it's candy (trad) and iron (modern), or so we've read. She Loves the movie Chocolat so I've ordered her the book along with two of Joanne Harris's other food-related novels. I found out (isn't IMDB trivia awesome?) that the village in which the film takes place has an abbey that makes anise candies, which would be perfect for this year's gift. I'd heard they can sometimes be found at Whole Foods but my local one doesn't carry them. I found them online but would rather buy from a brick and mortar store. I'm limited to $50 total and I'm about $10 down from the books (she doesn't mind used). Anyone have any other ideas? She's not interested in learning to make candy, else I'd get her some gear, (in fact I'm guessing she'll go that route for me this year). She likes sparkly things to wear (don't most wives?) and doesn't care about the cost. Have I mentioned how great she is? There's no need to do anything in iron but I'm open to it. Any help from the hive?
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Best answer: You need to go to Cost Plus World Market. I just checked that they have a location in Denver. I buy rose pastilles of that brand there, and they usually have violet and I think anise as well. (And lots of other great imported candy!)
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Oh, duh! Yeah, there's anise in each flavor, I forgot somehow.
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Response by poster: Awesome, Ambrosia. I called them and they've got them. There's a location even closer to me (Cherry Creek).
If anyone has any other candy or iron gift ideas, please list them!
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Okay, this is a fun punny activity based idea...

Give her:

a roll of parchment paper
a bag of pretzels
a bag of toffee bits
a bag of peppermints
a bag of peanut butter chips
a bag of chocolate chips


and an iron.

Then make bark yourselves with custom ingredients between sheets of paper with the iron!
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Are you crafty?
make her earrings with tiny flat irons on them (I'm thinking either the monopoly piece, or if you want to get really fancy, a silver casting of the piece.)
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Response by poster: I'm anything but crafty, Doctor B, but cute idea nonetheless.
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I did a little googling.
you can buy the irons individually here.

also, I had the idea of doing something with "Fe", in some context. All I can think of is scrabble piece necklace/earrings, and I think nikon made a camera callled the "fe" at one point.
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Response by poster: Followup:
I got the three Joanne Harris novels, a few tins of the candy (thanks, Ambrosia), and found a nice little cast iron mortar and pestle. No jewelry but her birthday isn't far off. Thanks, all.
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