Career and education advice for a social worker?
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Career Question: I am getting an MSW from Columbia and want to know what to do to be financially stable after gradutation.

I am getting an MSW with a Policy Practice concentration, and have the choice of minoring in either Business, or Public Policy and Administration. What would be the best choice when thinking financially of my future? Would it be worth pursuing a dual degree in either? I am not going into clinical social work, I am more interested in the broader context of social issues, and how policy is working on a large scale to affect positive social change. Thank you so much, I welcome any and all advice!
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Offhand, I'd say get out of school as fast as you can to reduce tuition and opportunity costs. A dual degree probably isn't worth that much, unless it's an MBA and you intend to go into business (which it sounds like you don't.)

The best way to guarantee your financial future is to do really well in school and get some great internships so you're in line for a job when you get out.
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Live below your means. This is a great way to be financially stable in any case, not just after graduation.
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Find some people doing the job that you want to do and see if they will agree to talk to you. Most people like to talk about their careers, especially if you make it clear that it is just an information interview - you aren't asking them for anything. They can give you better answers to your questions plus it starts building your network.

I did this when I was making a career change and found about 1/3 of the people that I called returned my phone call. I had a list of questions ready and spent 20-30 minutes doing a phone interview.

Finally, be absolutely sure to send a thank you note afterwards.
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