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Through no fault of my own, I got 4 hours of sleep last night. What can I eat for lunch to make it through a long (and tiring) day?

I've got a multitude of restaurants (bring lunch is not an option, seeing as I'm already at work) at my disposal. Just about anything is within 10 minutes, including fast food, not-so-fast food, grocery stores of any kind, etc.

To make matters worse, I've got band practice tonight that cannot be canceled, and no nap time in between!

Ready, set, go!
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Can you take a nap instead of eating for lunch. Catch food on the way to band practice.
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I got four hours last night too. Don't eat lots of starchy carbs (bread, cake, pasta), they'll tire you out and weigh you down. Stay light - eat a salad with protein in it, or a veggie wrap, and snack on fruit. Avoid fried food. I'll take my own advice as well!
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(Let's hope whatever happened last night was worth it!)


I'd go with proteinaceous foods - a lean steak or a tofu stir-fry. I'd have lots of fresh-tasting stuff too - lemon-dill dressing on a salad covered with cold salmon, a non-turkey sandwich with sliced, sprouted (commercial site!) whole-grain bread filled heaps of lettuce and tomato and my favorite cheese, washed down with lots of minty iced tea.

Later, I'd go with a snack like hummus and tzatziki with carrot/celery sticks.
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Or you can eat some good, slow-release carbs. A good-sized bowl of real, 4-grain porridge (not the powdery, processed rubbish) made with semi-skimmed milk will keep you going very nicely for a long time.
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For some reason, drinking cold, cold water helps for me.
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Tired + dehydrated is a killer combination, so drink lots of water, whatever else you do.
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nthing the low-carb, higher protein + lots o water. Also, exercise. Maybe a walk?
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Drink lots of water to stay hydrated and emphasize protein, veggies, and fruit in your lunch. Maybe a salad with some chicken on it.

Stay away from caffeine.
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Sushi! It's got the protein you need, plus a wasabi kick to perk you up. I don't think the amount of rice would be a problem carb-wise, but you could always do sashimi if it is.
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That's what I always eat when I'm washed out from too little sleep or too much partying.
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Response by poster: Thanks.

The problem wasn't too much partying (so, no hangover to contend with), but late night programming session. You know, when you're on a roll, you can't stop!
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Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans!

Supplemented with protein and water of course... ;)
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Yoghurt is my magic food.
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Enthusiastically seconding sushi.
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If you're dead by time for band practice... try Yerba Mate?

Some people love it, others think it causes heart palpitations. I'm in between (it doesn't have anything chemically which is any worse than tea), but it does give you energy without (as much of) the shakes.
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Nthing sushi. It is a miracle.
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Can you possibly snag a 15 minute power nap? No need for an extended nap session - just close your eyes for a few minutes. If it doesn't perk you up, I'll eat my lunch.
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Matcha or a very strong cup of green tea (not on an empty stomach)
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Your body's natural rhythms will wake you up later this afternoon anyway. I suspect that by 5 or so, you'll feel fine. Regardless of what you eat.
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So what did you eat, chrisfromthelc? I made a smoothie out of banana, strawberries and blueberries, and then ate an avocado. I feel good, late afternoon.
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Response by poster: The winner was a chicken salad from Panera. They've always got (seemingly) healthy-esque food that tastes good too.
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sushi yes, and smoothies or fresh fruit are great energy boosters (YMMV etc. )
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