Can you recommend a jewelry store in Santa Clara?
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I am seeking recommendations for a local jewelry store in the Santa Clara area (more specifics inside)

I am NOT seeking recommendations for stores in San Francisco/Oakland. It should be within about 20 miles of Santa Clara.

The store would preferably do custom work on site.

I am interested in a store that I will want to and enjoy going back to. Note; I will walk out of a store if they offer me a plan to help finance the purchase of jewelry.
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Try Vardy's in Cupertino. It's a family owned business. Pretty much everyone I have ever asked has recommended them for custom jewelery.
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A little further afield than Cupertino, but still within 20 miles of Santa Clara, is S. H. Silver Company (to avoid confusion, they do work in metals other than silver - the owner's name just happens to be Steve Silver). I have a couple of friends that have gone there to have custom engagement rings made; both were extremely satisfied. I believe that they do custom work on site, but am not positive.

The one yelp review available is very positive.
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Try the Jeweler's Bench in Los Gatos. A family friend used to own it...she recently sold it, but they still do beautiful work. My mom got a diamond ring done there and it's exquisite. They definitely do custom work.
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I got two recommendations for Vardy's when I bought my wife's engagement diamond. I had a good experience with them. Mann's jewelers in Willow Glen is decent, and my wife has gotten a lot of inexpensive pieces there including a dress watch for me :). I loved the pieces designed by Teels jewelry in Los Gatos when I stopped in to look recently, but we only bought a chain there because it's out of our price range.
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