What other conferences/events are out these like SXSW, Burning Man and TED?
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What other conferences/events are out these like SXSW, Burning Man and TED? I'm looking for events that encompass popculture, technology, film and/or music.
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Response by poster: I'm mainly looking for high-profile events.
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PICA (the Portland [Oregon] Institute of Contemporary Art) sponsors an annual festival called TBA (Time-based Art) that sounds like something you'd be interested in.

Whether it's high profile enough to meet your standards is for you to decide.
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The question seems pretty vague. Is the Penny Arcade Expo something like what you are looking for? It's got music, technology and pop culture, but the audience is completely different from the three you list.

I don't know how high-profile it is, but I think it became a lot more influential after the demise of E3.
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PopTech -- every fall in Camden, Maine.
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There's Bumbershoot every Labor Day weekend in Seattle. It's mostly music, but there's lots of other visual and performance arts too.
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Burning Man and TED in the same category?
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Response by poster: I'm looking for progressive venues to attend to gather ideas and bring life into a very large project I'm working on. I realize TED and Burning Man are very different, but these are the types of events that are outside the establishment.

The events I'm looking for don't have to be music AND tech AND film AND so on, but have elements of each or elements of one.
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Bonnaroo is getting there.
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Response by poster: The working list:

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Experience Music Project POP conferences, Seattle
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Response by poster: Here's the list so far:

The National Peace Corps Association Group Leaders Forum
Nonprofit Technology Conference
O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference
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Idea City is a wonderful event. It is ridiculously expensive, but perhaps you can also find a way in by being a volunteer.
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are any of these available as video downloads (like TED?)
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GEL is like a poor man's TED. I've gone twice and will likely go every year I can going forward. It's just a bunch of fun talks on some aspect of experience design.
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are any of these available as video downloads (like TED?)

POPTech has their Pop!Cast videos here.
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There's also Scott Kirsner's Nantucket Conference on Entrepreneurship and Innovation, held each May; Chris Shipley's DEMO conferences (videos); Jerry Michalski's Annual Retreats (this year in Oaxaca, Mexico | October 2007; invitation-only) and The Wall Street Journal’s D: All Things Digital conferences.
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Mustn't forget the über-exclusive Herbert Allen retreat in Sun Valley each summer -- this year's is going-on right now.
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For interactive technology and music (and occasionally film and live video manipulation), it's hard to get much more fun than the Warper Party (NYC).
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The Edinburgh Festival(s), as well as comedy and theatre, has a film festival, a music festival (T on the Fringe, and more highbrow stuff as part of the main official festival), a book festival, a TV festival, and possibly a games festival too. Wikipedia also mentions an internet festival, predictably called iFest.
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Gotta add DefCon, the biggest conference of computer hackers anywhere, & also Maker Faire.
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