I need a really good messenger bag that will accomodate a laptop.
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I need a really good messenger bag that will accomodate a laptop. I have one from www.timbuk2.com, which I really like, but I'm looking for other recommendations.
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I have an Endo from Spire. I'm really satisfied with it.
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I won a Chrome bag as a door prize. I love it – if I had to now, I'd buy one. The design is non-symetrical, so it's not very good just slung over your shoulder, but in the proper position, it's great. Totally waterproof. I was skeptical of the seatbelt buckle at first, but it's pretty useful, as is being able to adjust the strap length at the front. And it gets a lot of comments (people always ask if I added the buckle myself(!).)
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Forgot to mention, all the bags come with a really kick ass notebook sleeve.
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My laptop fits snugly in the next-to-biggest pocket in the classic LLBean backpack. It's a little more vulnerable than a laptop bag would be, because there's no extra padding, but it's probably similar in effect to the standard messenger bag.
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O – and laptop-wise, I use a sleeve from Waterfield. The Chrome bag isn't laptop-specific, but it's solid, waterproof, an d comfortable....
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I haven't found any that wear as well as the Timbuk2 ones.
(except a mandarina duck one, but it had too much useless
and heavy hardware - latches and stuff)

Do you have any other specifications?
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I know you have a Timbuk2 already, but I just got one of their Commute bags; it has a padded laptop section, great storage and room for water bottles. I searched everywhere for just the right one, and this looks like it's a winner so far.

I've seen this Kensington Saddlebag around campus, and it seems rather popular, but definitely looks like a laptop bag, and not a true messenger bag. There are also a number of good recommendations on this previous AskMe question; it's about a 'man purse' but has other ideas inside.
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I like the Trager Courier Laptop as it's pretty roomy and protects the laptop well. I got one with my laptop at work, and when I bought my own laptop, I liked the bag so much I bought this bag for that computer as well. Try to find it at a store, however, as I've had problems with the shoulder strap not staying in place on the sides where you can take up excess slack (sorry if that doesn't make sense), so you'll want to be able to exchange it if you have problems.
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Response by poster: milovoo -- I don't really have any other specifications that I can think of. I suppose that I would like it to be durable, washable, accomodate a good number of books in addition to a laptop, and be as ergonomic as possible. Actually, I guess that's quite a few specifications.

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone -- I'm checking them out right now.
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I'm pretty happy with my Chrome bag.
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Both manhattan portage and brooklyn industries seem pretty popular, although I've never tried them.
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Personally, I have a sleeve from Booq that's excellent, though a little short on space for junk.
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Off-topic, If you are so inclined, Tom Bihn makes a bag with its own political statement.

In any case, I have heard very good things about their bags.
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I saw one of these at REI the other day and have been coveting it ever since.
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Just wanted to say thanks to thebigpoop. I've been looking for a laptop sleeve for awhile, and those look perfect!
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I have a JanSport Vertical Brief, which has not only a padded internal pocket for a laptop, but a ton of other storage space too. There's even a little external pouch for your cell phone or, if you (like me) don't have a cell, a large bottle of Excedrin.
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I have a Tom Bihn bag (Eclipse), and I love it.
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For laptop sleeves, run, don't walk to buy a Roadwired Advanced Protection System Velcro folding pad, a doctorowist/clarkist favourite. Extroverts can choose the yellow colour.
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acmemade - not exactly "messenger" but much more stylie
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Been using a Jansport Office Envoy for about a year now and I love it. It's comfortable, very well padded, fits extra batteries, cables, my camera, and a few files without being overly bulky. And it looks like it might just be a bookbag, which cuts down on my theft/mugging concerns.
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