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I have several Blogger blogs. They get arranged in order of "last post created". I'd like to have them arranged in a specific order.

Currently, the top blog is the blog that had a post created soonest. I post to each blog once a day in the morning, but for a few of them, I go back later on in the day and edit the posting. Being a not-morning person, I sometimes forget to add the morning posting to the blog in the correct order, which means later on in the day, I add to the wrong blog.

I have an order that I like the blogs to be listed in. I'm looking for perhaps a Greasemonkey script, or Firefox extension to put the blogs in that order automatically.

Does such a thing exist?
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Are you displaying the RSS feeds on an HTML page? Or are you consolidating them all into one blogger blog by pulling posts from each one into a combined blog?

If you want the blogs to be in the correct order for everyone, you'll need to change the site... I think Greasemonkey scripts only change them for you, yourself.
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My bad. I should have mentioned that this is in the Dashboard.
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