best sw for calculating DRIP basis over long period of time?
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What is the easiest to use software out there for calculating basis and costs for DRIP stock accounts?

I originally purchased "dripwizard" from the people that sell that, but recently have had trouble getting timely support or the product reinstalled so I could at least start from scratch. While I'm working on that, it appears to be the only thing out there specifically tailored to do that task that is affordable (say $100 or less). If I ultimately cannot make it work, anyone have an idea?? I've got drip stuff from one company I need to calculate going all the way back to around 1983?, begun in two separate lots (they were both gift DRIP accounts that were opened for me when I was a lot younger), which then merged together into one account around 1999. After that, I sold off all of it in 3 separate chunks over the last couple years. It's not huuuuge sums of money, but still something I need to get organized and accounted properly.

I know Quicken can do something like this, but I think it only handles up to 100 transactions per lot?... haven't messed with it yet.

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Couldn't you just do this in an Excel spreadsheet?

(It is an unusual question to post anonymously.)
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Drip Investing has a lot of resources. I'd recommend Excel, but there is a Quicken tutorial on there.
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