Temperature indicators that create thermal profiles.
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I am looking for a temperature indicator that comes in the form of a sheet, or a film, and permanently changes color in areas that have been exposed to high temperature. Does anyone know where I could find such a device?

I am running some experiments and would like to have a "thermal profile" of the maximum temperatures across a particular body.

I noticed that the food packing industry have indicators to place on shipments during transit that will tell if a temperature was met by changing color.

Does something exist that can indicate across a span or temperatures? I am particularly interested in 150-800°C. High accuracy is not needed.

Thanks for any help!
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Tempilsticks are commonly used in the metal fabrication business.
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Well, here are temperature indicator stickers that are used for shipping, but I don't think they don't go into the range you're looking for.
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Thermax strips? Used for determining how hot brake calipers get.
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Many different kinds of irreversible indicators are available at Omega.
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a cheap version would be the sort of paper you use in thermal printers (eg fax machines), might be quite useful for experimenting for not much money.
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