Easy video onto the PSP?
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I have a PSP and would like to download YouTube videos so I can watch them on my commute. This brings up a number of questions...

I want to make this a daily thing--watching the news on the train. This news junky needs his fix, and the morning commute is the best time do it.

First off, I'd like to download political videos--clips from U.S. news shows, debate, etc. Other than the politics category at YouTube, are there any other sites I can download videos of this kind? .mp4 files are ideal, but anything I can download would be fine. If you've got a video iPod, then PSPs use the same .mp4 format.

And perhaps most importantly, is there a decent Firefox downloader for video files? I have a Firefox extension called Download Helper and another called FlashGot, but can't get either of them to download a batch of video files located on one page.

Having this process be as automated as possible is ideal. Yet another question I have is the .mp4 format for the PSP--Sony goes out of their way to make sure putting video on your PSP is as painful a process as possible. I can convert downloaded .flv files with PSP Video 9, but it's extremely time-consuming. Any REALLY simple way to get YouTube videos (along with the necessary THM files) onto my PSP?

Thanks for reading the whole thing!
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You can use Democracy player to download Youtube files. It saves them as .flv files, which I'm sure you can convert to mp4 . Not sure if there's an option to save files directly to mp4.
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To convert .flv files to PSP (and just about any other format), look at Super from erightsoft.com It's one of the best free converter programs out there.
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Tubesock my friend, Tubesock.
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i'm sure you could figure out a way to automate something with this: http://vixy.net/

it does psp, among others.
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In Google Video you can download any video on there to psp format. Might be easier to find the videos you want on there instead of d/l them on youtube and converting them to psp mp4.
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For batch downloading with Firefox I recommend downthemall.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the responses, everyone. As I pointed out earlier, Sony forces PSP users to take an extra step and create a thumbnail image to go along with the .mp4. Also, the names of both files must be a specific naming convention. It's mindblowingly stupid of Sony, because the PSP has the best video playback of any handheld device...yes, even better than the iPhone, a couple years ahead of it. Nobody knows this because Sony is so afraid of piracy that they cripple their own products.


Thanks again, everyone! keep 'em coming (though that's a longshot, yeah?)
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That super video converter looks sketchy. Wander through pages coated with google ads looking for a semi-hidden link. Enable javascript, disable zone alarm, clear cache? Um, no thanks. Looks like such a setup. And yet, there appear to be heaps of happy users out there. What gives?
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