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Cannot get my windows mobile smartphone contacts to sync (or edit) with Outlook.

Okay so I have a windows mobile smartphone and my contacts are messed up (something happened and I have 2 of every contact now). I want to be able to edit them however when I sync it up in ActiveSync, I have no option for contacts and it won't sync with the contacts in Outlook.

It syncs with calendar just fine. Notes? Not a problem (same for tasks too). So what gives? I've tried everything to get my contacts in Outlook and my contacts in the windows mobile phone (I have a tmobile MDA with the latest os running on it). I've tried googling this problem but am coming up with nothing. Can anyone help me out? Basically I just want to edit my contacts.
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Are you storing your contacts in a local Personal Folders File, or on the Exchange server?
posted by odinsdream at 10:03 AM on July 8, 2007

I don't think I'm doing a personal folder. But even on the Activesync, the option to go to contacts is not even there (even if I delete and make a new connection)
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just checked, no personal folder
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Are you synching with Exchange or the PC? I had a lot of problems with duplicate contacts when I synced with the PC. I'd delete all the contacts in Pocket Outlook and the duplicates in Outlook, then set up the device to sync with Exchange. Then delete the device in Active Sync. When you plug it back in, it will create a new relationship with the device automatically.
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Just PC, I'm ignorant when it comes to Exchange. I don't know what pocket outlook is either, I'm using outlook 2002
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Pocket Outlook is the application on the smartphone.

I'd try and set up the device to sync with Exchange instead of the PC, then. It worked for me, at least.
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how do you do that?
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If you aren't using Exchange, then you're definitely using a Personal Folder. To check, go into your Outlook account settings. Is your mail hosted on an Exchange server, an IMAP server, or a POP server?

ActiveSync works very well when talking directly to an Exchange server. Your PC isn't involved in that scenario. However, it doesn't sound like you're doing that.
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Yeah, sorry. I assume your email account is through an Exchange server. If not, then you can ignore this. . .

Before doing so, I'd delete the duplicates in Outlook on your desktop and all the contacts in Pocket Outlook. Then delete the device from Active Sync (File > Delete Mobile Device). Connect your phone to the PC and Active Sync will create a new relationship with it and the PC. Then set the device up to sync with Exchange. You'll need the server name and your username and password. The server name is generally exchange.company.com/net/edu/gov or mail.company.com/net/edu/gov.

(From the Active Sync help files)

-Connect your device to your PC.
-When the device is not synchronizing, click Tools, then click Configure Server Source.
-In Server address, enter the name of the server running Microsoft Exchange.
-Under Logon credentials, enter your name, password, and domain.
-Select Save password so that you will not have to enter it every time a scheduled synchronization occurs.
-Set your preferred conflict resolution.
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I don't really have a server name, just my pc and my pocket pc. I'm not sure this set up would (or could) work for me.
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Hands of Manos, you most definitely have a server that's storing your mail while your computer is off. When you start Outlook, it checks the server for mail and pulls down any new items.

If you use Outlook in an office with an IT department and so on, you may have an Exchange server, which is designed to work nicely with ActiveSync. So, to check which kind of server you have, try looking in the Tools > Accounts section of Outlook. Poke around in the active account and see it's Exchange, POP, or IMAP.
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