iPhone-related gifts/accessories?
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iPhoneBirthdayFilter: My brother just got an iPhone. Are there any iPhone-related gifts/accessories that would be cool to get him for his birthday? Anyone own and enjoy any of these accessories?

He already has a screen protector, a belt-holster, and a bluetooth kit for his car.
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Maybe the Apple bluetooth headset? Or a Jawbone headset is pretty cool as well - will suit the iPhone quite well.

iTunes giftcard is a great idea too!
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I second the iTunes GC or the Jawbone. I'd pass on the Apple branded bluetooth set.
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Not sure what your budget is, but I'm thrilled with my V-Moda Vibe Duo earbuds. The inline microphone lets you talk hands-free with the same headphones you use to listen to music, and the sound quality is fantastic. Much better than the standard earbuds that come with the phone.
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i just got the v-moda vibe duo, and while not as good as the etymotic isolators (which don't fit the iPhone), they are much, much better than the standard headphones.

the only problem is, it doesnt have the button that the iPhone headphones have! so you cant pause the iPod or answer the phone without taking the iPhone out of your pocket.

its enough of a bummer that i'm thinking of trying to transplant the v-moda earpieces onto the stock headphones...
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I got my v-moda headphones today and was disappointed they didn't have the answer button like the pack-in headphones, and the sound quality isn't as good as my $50 Sony sound insulating 'phones.

Right now there are not a lot of accessories. If he's at all athletic you might look into the sporty armband case. If your car hand-free kit doesn't include a charger, a car charger.

The screen protector was my #1 concern. Be careful buying some of the cases. I've read reports that some of them obstruct iPhone's sensors so it can't tell when it's up against your head for a call or not.
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a warranty
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I got my v-moda headphones today and was disappointed they didn't have the answer button like the pack-in headphones

I'm looking through old iPhone questions, and in case anyone is checking here, the v-moda headphones now have the answer button in-line.
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