Windows Media Center Green Screen
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TV tuner card and Windows Media Center problem with audio only and green screen instead of video. Why?

So I installed my HDTV ATSC/NTSC PCI Tuner Card (from Geniatech), and plugged the coax to the card. I receive all the channels, but can only listen to them. The Windows Media Center screen is green.

I'm using Windows Vista and my graphics card is XFX NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT 512 MB PCI-E. I doubt it's a performance issue as my PC is running with 2.8 Ghz dual core and 3 GB ram.

Coax cable plugged into the TV works fine, I get my regular cable channels. But no video plugged into the tuner card. Has anyone run into this issue?
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Is this a 64-bit machine? I know there are some issues with 64-bit Vista and green screen while watching Media Center.

My suggestion: Remove the driver for your graphics card and reboot, let Windows find the Microsoft-signed driver for your graphics card, then try it again. That fixes 99% of the green screen issues.
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Best answer: Well, I revisited this problem after a couple of months and found a solution online. I needed the Vista Media Center Decoder utility, and to change the default decoders to the one with which my tuner card is compatible. Works fine now!
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