Whatever happened to The Bush, The Tree and Me?
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WhereAreTheNowFilter: Whatever happened to a band called 'The Bush The Tree & Me'?

I have their one and only album release, the folksy How To Get Home which is one of my favourite discs and something I return to repeatedly, especially the track (Sometimes) You Do That, which has an excellent bit towards the end with a clarinet.

Unlike everything else in the world it seems, they lack a Wikipedia entry and although AllMusic lists the album there's not even a biography. Googling reveals some reviews from the time of the release of the album but even searching for band members like lead singer Paula Cox reveals nothing.

Has anyone else heard of them and do you know what they're doing now?
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Here's a current pic of keyboardist Natalie Barowitz, now creative manager at a music licensing company. So not still together, apparently.
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This page mentions a 2006 (?) album called (?) "When You're Gone." Sorry about the uncertainty; the page is less than clear.
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D'oh! Just saw this: All singles released 10 March 03. Apologies.
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Well, rumour has it that the band have a long awaited second album ready for the world to hear.
Please visit them at www.myspace/thebushthetreeandme
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