Help finding Joseph M. Pasquier info and painting
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I am looking for information Joseph M. Pasquier and I am looking to purchase a copy of his painting the water and the fisherman

My painting of the water and the fisherman by Joseph M. Pasquier was damaged during hurricane Rita and I have been diligently seeking a replacement and have been unable to find a replacement or any information beyond very limited information and typically in french of the web. I do not think that is the actual title of the painting but it has been so long that I cannot remember. Please let me know if you know of any of his work for sale that is original not prints and where I may get a hold of it. I have already checked with all of the major auction houses and they were not helpful.

If anyone has any information on the artist and/or this painting please let me know
posted by the_binary_blues to Media & Arts (2 answers total) 2 users marked this as a favorite lists all of one sale of work by the artist, in 2002, and can't give precise dates of birth or death. So I conclude he is regarded as a very minor artist and finding something for sale will require persistence on your part. I guess France would be the place to look, and if you know in which place he worked, then the antique shops and auction houses there.
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Hi Binary Blues,

Strangely enough we are in the process of selling our painting by "M. Pasquier" called "Fishermen in Breton". The actual title is in french and the painting is at a local art gallery for appraisal so I can't check it right now.

The image itself is a dockside scene with a fisherman near the dock wading in the water and securing his boat. There is a maid carrying a basket or something facing the fisherman. There are several other figures in and around the dock scene. I don't have a photograph to send you but I will do that if you are interested.

The painting has been in my family for many years. I grew up looking at it over our fireplace. My wife and I don't have room for it in our house and we are trying to downsize the things we have in storage.

Our e-mail is:

Hope this is helpful,

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