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PhillyFilter: Need upscale and upbeat restaurant for a bachelor party. Beginning of August. To be followed by a night of drunken revelry so...

...any good ideas for bars with good music and lively crowds are welcome as well.

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Just bar hop in Olde Citye until you find a spot you like. Especially if this is on a Friday or Saturday night. Plus you've got easy access to Jersey or just a short cab ride down Columbus Blvd to gentlemen's establishments.
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Can you provide a little more info on what you're interested in for dinner? What kind of food, what kind of vibe, what kind of price range?

As for bars, do you want a sports bar, restobar, dive bar, nightclub...?
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Amada at 217 Chestnut is an upscale tapas place with super good food. Also, it is right near a bunch of bars for post meal revelry.
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No specifics for food really. Just really good...maybe continental? It'll be 15-20 people so definitely a menu that will appeal to all tastes.

Price range...anywhere from 10-40 bucks a plate, sans drink.

As you can see, the options are left pretty wide open. So just a nice roomy place where the staff won't get too pissed off at the slowly-getting-drunk party in the corner.

thanks again.
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I've heard great things about Amada too. Sadly, I couldn't make it there the last time I was in Philly, but based on what I've read I think it would be perfect for you. If you're interested (and call ahead), they can also cook a whole suckling pig for your group.
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I went to Amada a couple of months ago for a friend's birthday; it was very good but could get on the pricy side of your range. We got out of there for $50 a head after dessert and a glass of sangria apiece.
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Amada's wonderful but pretty pricey and maybe a little chi-chi for your party.

But Cuba Libre (2nd and Market) would be fun, has great food (especially now, with the former chef/owner of Pasion! on board) and is also right in the Old City action.

Across the street, the Plough and the Stars is an upscale Irish pub that won't mind you getting your drink on. The menu isn't as exciting as Cuba Libre, but I have no complaints.
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