How to celebrate Dubya's birthday?
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Celebrating George W. Bush's birthday ironically - any ideas for party games, trivia questions or otherwise?

Hey all,
I'm part of a group of progressives putting together a totally ironic birthday party tonight for President Bush, including party games like pin the tale on the donkey, bobbing for war rationalizations, etc., and I need your help. Part of the party will be a Bush trivia contest, hopefully with questions which are either multiple-choice or number-answers, and even better illuminating just how awful the Bush presidency has been, all while being not too tough, not too easy.

ANY trivia questions, ANY ideas for the party (there's still time), ANYthing else related would be much appreciated - thanks!
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I just wanted to say that "Pin the Tale on the Donkey" is a magnificent pun, and sounds like a great game.
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I second Faint of Butt's comment, except you could call it Pin the Tail on the Moron.

Also I would try and create a GWB pinata. What could be more satisfying than whacking that with a baseball bat? You don't even need to put prizes in it, as the game itself is the prize.
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But Donkeys are Democrats. Or Democrats are donkeys. Pin the trunk on the elephant. Nah.
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Q: In the 2000 presidential election, how many votes did George W. Bush win the state of Florida by, after the recount?

A: 537
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Seconding worker_bee, but fill the pinata with voter registration forms and pretzels.
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You can play the game Risk and just invade every country.

Whoever can come up with the longest list of Bush Admin scandals wins a prize.

You can play Trivia Pursuit, get every question wrong, tell everyone else they're elitists, and declare yourself the winner.
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Your party sounds like a blast. Wish I could be there to share the sarcasm, biting wit, etc. My ideas may be lame, but here goes: 1. Have guests list 61 reasons he should resign. 2. Name 61 of his best or worst attributes. 3. Name his 61 best corporate pals. 4. List 61 things he's done for America (or Iraq). 5. Watch reruns of "Lil Bush." 6. Have guests donate $61 each to a charity that's been decimated by Bush-Cheney policies, or donate $61 each to a progressive party or cause. Have fun!
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Give all party guests a "Get commuted out of Jail Free" card when they arrive and tell them they can do anything they want while they're there.
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Smalltown Girl's suggestion of donations brings up an interesting idea. Mockery and ironic games are awesome and definitely to be encouraged, but it might be even more meaningful if at least part of the party was devoted to attempting to counter, in some small way, the damage Bush has done. Maybe one of the games involves collecting money (someone has to put a dollar in a jar every time they say Bush's name or something) and at the end of the night the money is donated to a worthy cause. Or variations on that theme.
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I'll start the list for the party tape:
Big Hat, No Cattle by Randy Newman
Some Humans Ain't Human by John Prine
Let's Impeach the President by Neil Young
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Response by poster: Hey guys, while I really appreciate all these comments, which are helpful, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for trivia questions along the lines of what I mentioned earlier? That's, I think, where we're going to need the most help.
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Liars poker.
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How many of them dodged serving in Vietnam
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You are going to have a big "Mission Accomplished" banner hanging up, right?
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Try and find "that's my bush!", worth screening an episode or two.
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I'm having a hard time finding specifics, but maybe some questions about Harriet Miers (wasn't she kicked out of the bar once or twice?).

Q: In what year was W arrested for DWI?
A: 1976

(You could also ask his age -- 30 -- or the state -- Maine.)

Q: Who has more DUI convictions: Bush or Cheney?
A: Cheney

His Yale transcript is here. (NB that this is a parody site, not his actual website. Took me a minute to get that. The transcript, however, is real.)

Q: What was the amount of Cheney's severange package from Halliburton?
A: $34 million

Q: When did Bush give the "Mission Accomplished" speech?
A: May 1, 2003

Just a few. Great idea, BTW.
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Butcher the Invites...

Write the invites as if Dubba wrote them. I can't think of any Bushism's off hand that would apply but I am sure someone can.
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It's out of date, but you could mine this for trivia questions. It would be great for pulling out scandals some of us have forgotten about. I mean, there are so many!
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Waaaay back in the 1994 election, I had an election returns party where we played 'pin the tail' except we did 'Pin the Lips' onto George Bush Sr ("read my lips: no new taxes"), 'Pin the joint' onto Clinto ("i didn't inhale") and pin the ears on Ross Perot (just because of his big goofy ears and I couldn't think of anything else). I just drew giant pictures of them, using an editorial cartoon as a guide (nice simple lines, so easy to reproduce.)

What about 'pin the nose' for Bush, with a pinnochio nose? (nb: I don't think he's a liar. I think he believes the things he said to be true at the time he said them, but I offer the suggestion in the spirit of fun.)
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When did George W. Bush last snort some blow? 1974.
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Hello, fellow citenzry of Amuricans. I'd like to put forth an inventory for you to calibrate my birthday...

(OK, someone else can write the next sentence.)
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Today is also Sylvester Stallone and 50 Cent's birthday. and it's my birthday!, in case you can think of anything to do with that (it could make a good trivia question, I suppose).

As for the invite:, you are hereby invented to come to *Address* at *Time* to enjoy a night of *Events*, and the observition of my 61st birthday!
Also, unfortunately, this calibration has an elusive guest list, so this initation is for you and one guest only.

Thank You,
George Walker "The Birthday Boy" Bush
The 43th President of The United States of 'Merica

Ps: BYOB, Sucker!
(that's the best I could do in 10 minutes.)
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..and the observition of my 61st birthday!

...and the observatory of my 61st birthday!

Sheesh, do I have to always be the dumbest one in a crowd. Oh wait...
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61th!!!! Heckuva job TWF!
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Make the party really, really suck then don't let anyone leave.
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I can't help with trivia questions, but take a look at this previous thread for Impeach-the-President music suggestions.
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So was it a good party?
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Yeah, how did it go?
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