What are you reccomendations for the L.A. Times Festival of Books at UCLA
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I'm going to try to attend the L.A. Times Festival of Books at UCLA this weekend, and pondering my options of which panels or other programs to attend. [more inside]

I've been highlighting a few things that just seem kinda superficial (Ray Bradbury meets Ray Harryhausen, Carrie Fisher, Schoolhouse Rock Unplugged), and want the MeFi elitits to help me figure out how to expand my mind there (languagehat, this means YOU)...
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For mental expansion, I'd certainly suggest the "Why Write Poetry?" session with Anthony Hecht, and possibly the conversation with Edward P. Jones. If you're not up on Latino or Asian-American fiction, those sessions might be helpful as well.
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Well, I'm for the superficial stuff. I plan on going to Neal Stephenson's reading (and to get his J. Hancock on my copy of "The Confusion") and to Ricky Jay's lecture. I'd like to go to the panel Matt Miller's moderating on dissent after 9/11, but I think it clashes with the Stephenson reading.

The panel on "Reporting LA" sounds good, too, but I think that's because I'm a fan of Patt Morrison and Steve Lopez.
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Response by poster: RakDaddy, I might see you at Ricky Jay or "Reporting L.A.". I'll be wearing a MeFi button (and some clothes, of course).
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one word: Bradbury

also: Jay, Lind, Swofford, Power, Iyer all sound VERY interesting

Postrel -- a good laugh.

and if you feel cranky, just print out some of y2karl's links and cross-examine poor old Christopher Hitchens
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