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Few friends in Germany want to sell customized Harley Davidson Motorcycles **German Drag Style... What is it and what would they need to do?

I am not much of a motorcycle person... but these friends want to export these bikes... The question is for my self and obviously for my friends...

First... What is considered German Drag Style bikes? and is it even a viable business case to import these bikes to U.S...? I thought there are already plenty of U.S. based Harley Davidson custom bikes....

Second... What kind of certification or registerations do they have to do make these bikes legal for U.S.?

Third... wouldn't it be cheaper and easier to build these so called German Style bikes here since the engine and majority of parts are from here anyways? or is being made in Germany really worthwhile for U.S. buyers?

ANY info or even your thoughts would be appreciated.
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I am not sure what German Drag Style bikes are, but I do know that a lot of bikers in northern Europe like long, stretched out bikes like the one on this page. As far as building and shipping to the US, they would have to meet EPA noise and emissions standards and NHTSA safety standards; if they are to be sold in California (a very big potential market) they also have to meet that state's stricter emisions standards as well (some cars are made in separate California-only versions but that is probably not practical for a smaller company). After those hurdles are cleared (and there are probably others that I don't know about) they will then have to compete with a number of companies building Harley clones from aftermarket parts including (but by no means limited to) Big Dog, Bourget's, and Confederate. There are also smaller but more publicized companies such as West Coast Choppers and Orange County Choppers that you have probably seen on TV. All of these companies will probably have an advantage in terms of getting parts from US-based suppliers like S&S, as well as being able to market their bikes as American-made, which is no small consideration for many of the people who buy these bikes. So while it may be possible to export German-built customs to the US it will be very much an uphill battle with little chance of success.
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Thanks for the detailed info...
As far as I can tell the German Drag Style Bikes are suppose to be a little different breed from traditional American Chopper style.... I guess they are more techie looking...similar to confederates... I found Wards Hardcore as one of those prominent German Harley Custom bikes.... My friends see that as some what unique among American style.... Any more info...? any one .? any body?
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Recently on Metafilter: Not the German drag style you're looking for (but no doubt he'd look great on a Harley).
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