Nineties nostalgia: kids in charge!
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NostalgiaFilter: Early nineties kids show in which the kids ran the cameras, the sound booth, and possbily sang? Possibly on Saturday mornings on PBS?

You know how it goes, I am caught up in a fury of trying to remember this show. It was like a news program, and the kids ran the whole thing, supposedly.

I know someone will be right on this - thanks!
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All that comes to mind is Zoom, but there may be others. I remember Zoom from the 70's, though.
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Funny, I was thinking Zoom too.
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Response by poster: Yes, and it was then reincarnated later in the nineties, but this is in between, and much more focused on children occupying roles (camera crew, stage director) normally reserved for Teamsters. It was highlighted by some sort of crane shot through the studio during the opening.
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Kids Incorporated? Started in the 80s but did run into the early 90s...
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AHA! Would it be In the Mix? There's a good listing of PBS Kids shows at wikipedia.
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Gah, I can remember there being a shot of a couple kids behind the camera leaning out and waving or giving a big thumbs up, but can't pull it out. I was thinking Kids Incorporated at first, but I dontt think that's quite it...
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Are you thinking of Teen Kids News, produced by Alan Weiss? Videos available here.

NPR: TV News for Children Adds New Perspective to Events.
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Best answer: Kidsongs!
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And in my area it was on the independent stations (now a Fox affiliate).

I LOVED that show.
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Not the show you are looking for, but this reminded me of TV 101. Ah nostalgia.
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Wikipedia for KidSongs.
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Candy Apple News Company had a kids news segment, but was apparently a Philly thing.
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Response by poster: Yes, k8t! Brilliant. No amount of Google-fu could have helped my friends and I with that one. Thank you, all!


I think you just convinced my friends of the glory of AskMe.
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The version I watched didn't have those silly creatures in it, but still same weirdo opening credits.
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If it was indeed Kindsongs that you are thinking about, you'd probably be happy to know that you can pick up several volumes of the show on DVD at Wal-Mart in those $1 DVD stands up by the registers. I bought some for my little girl, and she likes to dance around to them.
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Phew, nostalgia-city.

"Write Zoom, Zee-double-oh-em, box 3-5-0, Boston, Mass, Oooh-two-oooone-three-foooour! Send it to Zoom!"
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