What wide angle lens for a GL1?
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What Wide-Angle Lens should I get for my new Mini-DV camcorder?

I have a Canon GL1, and I could really use a wide-angle lens; something for city/ landscape shots as well as indoor spaces would be nice. My only two requirements are:
(1) Cheap (the money went to the camera, not for the accessories)
(2) Minimal distortion. From my amateur google-fu, it seems some "ultra" wide-angle lenses will have major barrel distortion, and I want a big picture without a trippy effect when I pan.

I've got a clue about video production, but no clue about lenses, so all the info you can give will help. I'm looking for answers that include either specific models/brands, or perhaps even better, recommendations about what specifications I need to look for (or beware of) when picking a lens at a store or online.
(PS- Some previous ask.me threads touched on this general topic, but I couldn't find any that helped)
(PPS- I noticed both "converters" and "adapters" for wide angle lenses and realized I'm in over my head. Is there a difference?)
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