Long distance tuxedo rental?
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Is there a store where I can get measured for a rental tuxedo in the Chicago area (preferably in the northern suburbs or in the city) and pick it up at a later date in New York City?
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I don't know. But as your measurements wouldn't change, couldn't you measure yourself and then call an NYC place to place an order to be picked up on Day X?
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Unless I'm misunderstanding your question, this is how all groomsmen, etc, who are out of town handle such things. Just go to a tux shop anywhere near you and ask them to measure you. They give you the measurements, you call it in to the NYC shop and go from there.

I was a maid of honor recently and a shop in Seattle measured me and I gave the bride the numbers, and the dress was ordered in Virginia. It's like a professional courtesy formal shops do for each other.
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Best answer: 1. Get measured at any tailor in Chicago.
2. Call any tuxedo rental place in NYC and give them your measurements.

Is there something else in the question I missed?
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Places like Men's Wearhouse will do this as well. Locations in both Chicago and New York.
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Nearly all tux shops offer this reciprocal service. You can generally go into any tux shop in the US and get measured, then fax the measurements to the place where you're picking up the tux. I got measured a few years back in Basalt for a tux that I picked up in NYC.
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Best answer: Seconding the Men's Wearhouse idea; they handled my brother's wedding a couple of years ago without any snafus and it was nice to be able to pay in advance and handle all the details ahead of time; there are other chains that do this as well but I don't have any personal experience with them.
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Yep. I know someone who got measured at Men's Wearhouse here in San Francisco for a tux he needed in Buffalo.
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In addition to the aforementioned Men's Warehouses and tuxedo rental shops, any department store that has a fine Men's Wear department will be able to do this. Another trick for things like this if you are in the area of hotels that cater to business travelers is to pop in and ask the concereige.
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For the groomsmen in her upcoming wedding, my sister recently used After Hours for this exact purpose. Her concern (not sure if it was warranted or not), was that different shops might have slightly different measuring conventions. She thought that by choosing a chain with locations in both places the measurements would be more accurate.
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I should mention in my case above that I did this for a wedding in Hong Kong in which I was the best man.

The tailor was a Mexican guy with a small shop down the street in SF's Mission district. I had copied down what the Hong Kong tuxedo place had asked for (from a form on their website) and he measured me right there. It took a couple minutes and I handed him five bucks.

I faxed those measurements to the Hong Kong shop. A month later (and a couple days before the wedding) I walked into their shop and picked up a perfectly fitted tuxedo.

So, in my case, yes, a Mexican in San Francisco and a Chinese guy in Hong Kong had the same convention. :)
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