Who's the Michael Arrington of New York?
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We all read Scoble, Valleywag, Techcrunch, Scripting News, but these guys are all based in California and cover almost exclusively Silicon Valley. What about the NY scene? Are there bloggers / journalists / entrepreneurs who cover what used to be called "Silicon Alley"?
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Did you Google Silicon Alley? There's bits of info in there, including a NYTimes article about from last year
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Joel on Software is not an industry/scene blog per se, but his company is definitely on the vanguard of the current nyc tech-startup scene.

How about emailing the people you mention to ask if they can recommend any NYC colleagues?
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Check out blog.nextny.org which aggregates a bunch of NY Tech bloggers.
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There are also far better, less Valley-centric looks at the tech industry -- I like Read/Write Web and sometimes GigaOm. I suspect there will be a lot more of these coming online in the near future, as the audience evolves out of the insular SV circle.
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