Couple's Counselor in Chicago?
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Can you recommend a good counselor for me and my partner in Chicago?

My partner and I have been together for five and a half years, and we need some help. Can any of you recommend a good therapist for us to see? I have some experience with Gestalt therapy, but I'm not committed to that methodology. I do have a strong bias against psychoanalysis, however.

Please also give us an idea of how much the counselor you recommend would charge--neither of us have a whole lot of money, so that will be one factor.

About us: I identify as male, she identifies as genderqueer (although usually as female). We're poly, we're in love, and we're interested in preserving our relationship. Any suggestions?
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Well, not many recommendations yet, so you might want to try the craigslist therapist directory. If you check out the profiles of therapists in your hood, I'm sure you'll find someone that fits your needs. If it helps any, I found mine there.
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