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As a kid in the UK in the early 80's I remember a cartoon series that was on on Sundays (I think) that featured an evil witch type character and her robots who looked like dice and rolled everywhere. My memory says the series was called "Terrabots" but google calls me a liar. Can anyone reassure me I'm not going mad?
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You're thinking about Gerry Anderson's Terrahawks. The witch was called Zelda. Windsor Davies did the 'sgt' voice of the robots.
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Terrahawks baby , zelda was the witch.
I can do a great impression of both her and her son.
Irvine welsh even namechecks her in "grannys old junk"
from "the acid house"

" she looked like zelda oot ay terrahawks "

which is my favourite irvine welsh line EVER.
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Response by poster: yay! Thank you guys.
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Terrahawks. Stay on this channel. This is an emergency...
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