If you were this photograph, where would you be, and who would have taken you?
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LostArtFilter: Does this image sound familiar to anyone? It's a photograph of someone blowing into one end of a rolled up newspaper, and there is a bouquet of flowers emerging from the other end. I'm pretty sure the background is just white.

I have no idea who the photographer is. When I asked my friend's sister, who had the photo on her Myspace once a long long time ago, she said she doesn't have a copy of it anymore, doesn't know where she found it, and thinks she was Googling artistic photographers when she did. Google-fu is failing me here.
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The closest I came up with is this picture here

I am thinking you might try flickr?

It sounds like a neat photograph, like to see what turns up.

BTW, I was scared to put "man blowing newspaper into bouquet" into google while at work, not sure WHAT would show up :)
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aww poo... I didn't mean flickr!!! (must...preview... first!) I ment worth1000 and for some reason I cant make a linky. Sorry, www.worth1000.com
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I remember something similar and have been searching all morning to no avail. It was someone's avatar on a forum I frequent. I'm asking around now.
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Hmmm, I guess I remembered this incorrectly. I thought flowers were coming out of his mouth, not some handkerchief. Anyway, it's a cool and creepy pic from Matthew Barney's Cremaster.

The Order (Hi-Res ZIP)
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Looks like she may have found it! Posted in the comments on her blog here. Here is a direct link to the pic.
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