Where can I find a small electric facial hair shaver for men?
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Searching for the smallest (lightest and size-wise) electric shaver for men.

I'm looking for the tiniest electric shaver for men for my father as a gift. The size is a factor because my mom has to carry a lot of things for him due to his illness so a tiny one that doesn't weigh much would be great. It would preferably use standard battery sizes (AA or AAA) too. Thank you so much for your help!
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This looks pretty small and simple, though I've never used an electric shaver.
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I take a gilette Mach 3 and some Lush shaving cream when I travel. The razor blade is kept in one of those cartrdiges the blades are sold in. Can't beat that for size and weight.
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Be careful going on just size. My experience is that the electrics with the round, rotating cutters work OK; but the ones where there's a mesh that you push your beard through don't really do the job.

The one I use seems to be out of stock, but it's relatively small with just two cutters instead of three. This seems to be the closest equivalent.
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