I ma sick of knowing my neighbours sex frequency.HELP
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Resources for finding rental houses in Northern/ Eastern Or Southern Ontario.Anyone have some good sources or leads?

I am looking for country type settings under a $1000 a month.My experiment with apartment life has given me a profound respect for those that enjoy it and impetuous to get the %^%& out of this noisy concrete box.My Google Fu is bringing little in results.MLS has little listed of interest.

I slept like a baby in my house,now I am woken an average of 10 times a night.Why close your apartment door when you can slam it at 3 am etc etc.Apartments are NOT for me.
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You have my total sympathy but you need to be more specific about location. There shouldn't be a problem about finding rural units in your price range but you probably need to choose an area and start looking.
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Details would be helpful wouldn't they.

I am looking for a one or 2 bedroom with land of some sort.Rural to have privacy and enjoy summer bonfires.

I am pensioned so location is pretty flexible.I had thoughts of Lake Erie near Selkirk to Sherkston.The mid Niagara peninsula From Binbrook to Fonthill.Guelph area and Kingston to Trenton but more north.

Most of the Bruce Peninsula and the Kawartha highlands would be secondary areas.

Unfortunately I am immobile physically at the moment so I cannot get out and do physical searches.I ask here in case some one knew a database etc that might be fruitful or had heard of a place.
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You can try looking in one of the Ontario Craigslist sites.

Most of the places listed under Apts/Housing are in the city but I was able to find some in the country by searching for "acre" or "rural".
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Try googling ([name of town] newspaper ontario) and look in the online classifieds. Over at the Guelph Mercury I looked at their ads limiting with the keyword "country" and pulled up several. Some newspapers use Toronto Star's livedeal database, some have their own databases.
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Sabbatical housing listings will get you places in and around university towns like Guelph, London and Kingston. There are rarely rules that you too must be a university professor on sabbatical - usually they only care that you're not an undergraduate student looking for a house to wreck. Rentals are usually done on a 12 month basis since that's how long people tend to stay on sabbatical.
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Thanks for the great answers.!
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