Any Chicago landlords I should avoid?
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Have any Chicago mefites had experience with Hunter Properties, Acorn Management, Lake Front Management, Lee Street Apartment Rentals, or Water Tower Realty? Praise is as welcome as criticism.

I'm going apartment hunting this weekend in Chicago (I'm from Indiana) and I wanted to avoid any potential disasters, just in case.

Opinions on other property managers in / around Roger's Park are welcome.

Thanks in advance!
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Best answer: I haven't rented from any of the companies you mention, but I have rented from Wirtz Realty in Rogers Park. Theirs are not the cheapest apartments, but I had no problems with them, got the impression that the company was too big for it to be worth its time to nickel-and-dime me or to be penny wise and pound foolish in maintaining its properties, and moved only because I came to despise the neighborhood. Aside from the location, I still miss that apartment.
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Best answer: AP Gold Property - Generally good, but our washers/dryers kept getting vandalized and they refused to changed the locks (seems the vandals had a key). Went without a laundry facility for months.

ICM Properties - Generally pretty good, have been quick to fix things. No problems yet. Although, other people have horror stories. Handyman lives on site, so that is convenient.

These were in Andersonville and Lakeview East.
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Best answer: My property management company is Hunter Properties. I've been renting from them for two months, and so far everything has been smooth. I put in one call for maintenance (leak in the bathroom sink), and it was taken care of in less than 24 hours.
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