Reid Report (AAR) pre-employment test?
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Information on The Reid Report (AAR) pre-employment testing? Anyone take it? Fail it? Have a sample test?

A friend just failed one of these and I'm not familiar with the test. It seems to be a closely guarded product, and I haven't found a sample. Has anyone had to take this test? It's designed to screen for workplace honesty and integrity and takes about fifteen minutes. Thanks.
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Are you interested in information about pre-employment personality testing more generally, or only in information about this specific test? From the little information available, it seems to be a pretty standard pre-employment psychological test, designed to get around the legal issues that sometimes crop up with this kind of testing, so I'd guess that a lot of the information you'd get by searching for "pre-employment personality testing" would apply to this test. The company has an interest in keeping the specific contents of the test a secret to prevent candidates from trying to game it, so you'd likely have to buy it to get an actual copy of the questions they use. You can purchase a review of it here for $15.
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