Help me lust after new video cameras...
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Help me lust after new video cameras. OK,my trusty Canon Mv850i just bit the dust and in September I start a Fine Art degree course in Film and Video. Put those two ideas together...

So it's definitely time to get a new better camera (or at least work on ways of justifying the expense to my wife while lusting after technology). Up until a few months ago I was looking at upgrading to either a Canon GL2 or an XL1 but now there's this whole new HD business available in the prosumer type camera like the Canon XH-A1. So what are the Mefi recommendations over this? Is it better to try to justify the expense of an HD camera, or, to go for a price cut with the nice cameras I was looking at before but on the old resolution? Is there a better 3ccd camera out there that you can futz with the settings of like the GL2's/ XL1's of this world? Waddya say? To HD or not to HD? Thanks!
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All the HD Cameras (be it HDV or the P2) shoot DV as well. The question is, how much do you have to spend.

I might get a cheaper camera and based on Stu Maschwitz (from the Orpahngage) and get a camera front like Red Rock Micros.
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it's kind of silly not to go HD at this point (I learned this after making a movie on an XL2) The color and film-like look you get on HD is just miles ahead of DV.

Of course, you can go the route of getting an XL1/2 and putting a 35mm film camera lens on it. But those lens and adapters cost around $40k I'm told.
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Response by poster: Thanks both. drjimmy I think you're right... just need to explain it now. Watched your clips on your site by the way. Nice work!
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thanks although I cringe at certain shots in that movie every time I see them. Ah well, it was my first one and a learning experience.

I am actually hoping to make a feature film on HD sometime in the next year. I will keep you apprised of the results if you remind me...

oh and ps no matter what camera you get, I highly recommend playing around in post with Magic Bullet or similar. Bumping up the saturation and such can go a long way towards making it look more like film, I find.
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Get the HVX-200. I have one, and it kicks so much ass. The picture quality really is better than the HDV cameras because it has only a fraction of the image compression (6.6:1 vs (at the highest resolution) 47:1).
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At the least, wait until closer to September.
I'm a total camera fiend as well, but the problem with the techno-lust is that it bites you in the ass too often. The problem with dropping a lot of cash at this point is that is clear that the entire video industry is moving to tapeless, but that they haven't figured out how to do it affordably yet. So you're buying a new eight track in its last years.
If I was you, I'd buy a cheaper camera, actually use it, pool resources with your fellow students (who'll almost invariably each have their own camera) and borrow and rent until the next gen comes through. There's enough hvx-200s in circulation, Panasonic is going to be coming out with the B soon enough (I haven't seen a date or anything, but it is in the cards), and the RED's release will probably positive effect prices and options.
Sure, it's not as great as a shiny new toy, but we can be adults now.
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