I'm a man ...and yes I need driving directions
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There must be a great way for me to get driving directions via cell phone, right?

I tried googling but didn't come up with anything that fit the bill. Once upon a time I would call Infone to give it the address or intersection for my current location and my intended destination. It would give me those great step by step driving directions with mileage for each turn/leg. Is there some similar service out there now? Free is of course best. Cheap is ok if free isn't available. This will be used on the road where I have no web access, only a cell phone with voice and text message capability but no mobile web or anything. The phone is a Samsung U740 and my provider is Verizon if those may affect the answer. Thanks in advance.
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I think 1-800-555-TELL does this.
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Google SMS does this — see the "Directions" example.
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Google SMS won't work for you?
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I use Google SMS for everything. I think it's everything you're asking for, and it's never failed me.
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Thanks. I had seen Google's phone feature where they will send u a link to a google map (for mobile web?) for hadn't realized i could text "[address 1] to [address 2]" and have directions texted back. I just tried it and it worked well. Thanks! You guys were pretty quick too! Long Live Metafilter! Happy 4th!
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Call 411 and ask what they can do for you.

Most cellular providers outsource directory assistance to one of only a few companies that also provide concierge services. I worked for one in the past that took care of Cingular, Nextel, Sprint and I think one or two others. (Yes, all at once. They just have you record several greetings and then pipe the appropriate one out depending on carrier.)

Depending upon their particular arrangement, the service can give do everything from just handing out numbers, to giving directions(operators are expected to be familiar with their area, and the computer system also provides details) to reading you your horroscope(...), traffic reports and making restaurant reservations, all inclusive.
Your provider will generally give you a certain number of free directory assistance calls a month, and then they'll be something like 75c to a dollar per. Whether that's worth it depends on how often you think you'll need this, but it also means you don't have to remember another number for it.
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Is there any reason you don't wanna use the VZW navigation software?

It's actually not too bad either functionality or price-wise.
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1-800-GOOG-411 might be worth a shot, too.
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If you have a windows mobile or blackberry you can buy "gps" software for them, it's reasonably accurate.
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Folks swear by VZW Nav (though I think it's mostly because they can't run anything else).
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I use the Verizon navigator and it's been very helpful--very worthwhile. It's basically the same as having a GPS unit in your phone. Step-by-step directions, memorizes your home and work addresses, remembers recent searches, search by address or search yellow-page style for a the nearest businesses (by name, type, etc.). Shows a map and very clear diagrams of turns and intersections. If you turn the sound on, it will speak to you in a clear voice, telling you when to turn and what to watch for. I think it's like $9.95 per month, or you can use it for 24 hours for like 3 bucks a pop. I used it so much I finally subscribed and I haven't looked back.
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I know you say you don't have mobile web, so this probably won't work for you (but might be useful for others), but:
If you want maps and your phone supports J2ME (Java), I highly recommend Google Maps for Mobile. It's so rad having Google Maps on your phone. It does routing, business lookup, shows traffic, even has the satellite view. I use it every week it seems.
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