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Need help with foreign language spellcheck dictionaries in wordperfectx3

I have recently installed WordPerfect X3 on my new computer. I type both in English and in Spanish. Although I can alter the keyboard language input to be able to type in different characters, I cannot get WordPerfect to recognize the Spanish text. Furthermore, the WordPerfect spellchecker only has an english word list, so every word that I write in Spanish is underlined with the red 'mispelled' line. The program tells me that the file WT13ES.lex or .mor contains the word list that will enable the WordPerfect spellchecker to recognize and correct the foreign text. The file is not located on any of my installation disks. I would like to find and download this file online but have been unable to find it thus far. Does anyone know of a site that has this wordlist (or any spanish spellcheck dictionary for WordPerfect X3) available for download?
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