System Wide Hotkey reporting tool for Windows?
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Lots of programs allow you to create system wide hotkeys, or identify hotkeys in shortcuts, but what about a utility that reports what's already taken and what program owns it?

I'm already running Hotkey Detective and it doesn't do all of what I want. At a minimum, I'd like some program that can report what keys are already latched and by what application, and ideally, one that could scan thru the registry or even application INI files to determine what others WOULD be latched when other programs do start.

Many programs scan the desktop and start menu for programs with hotkeys defined in shortcuts. I'm looking for something that will give me a better overall view so that I can anticipate / resolve contention.
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I think I remember a utility for this in the PC magazine Utility Library. I don't remember its name.

They don't charge per program, but there's a small annual fee to get access to the library, which has about a zillion programs developed in house (not available elsewhere). I consider it money well spent.
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