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safari's activity window does a great job of showing the .flv files an .swf on a web page will load. except sometimes it doesn't. what to do then?

brightcove is pretty good at hiding the source .flv (for example of nyt videos). are there other tools/tricks (for mac osx) to find the direct link to .flv's on pages such as this one?
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For the page in question, you can't just download the source video using your browser since there is no .flv file directly accessible via http. They're using "streaming flash", i.e. sending video via flash's Real-Time Messaging Protocol (port 1935) from a Flash Communication Server to their flash client. Capturing the video requires strategies like those used to capture streaming Real Video.
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Response by poster: Thx for that info - flash rtmp is news to me. I get real streams with CocoaJT; are there equivalent mac apps for flash streams that you know of?
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